Your wellness prioritized
with unique activities for you.

At Vinecroft, we understand that when residents are active and healthy, our community will feel
positive and energized. One way we work to achieve a positive and healthy environment is to weave exercise and
activity into the fabric of day-to-day life for our residents as well as into the mindset of the directors and staff.

Our newsletter includes activities and menus for a two-week period and is one of the ways we communicate with our residents and their families! You can also check out upcoming events here.


We offer exercise classes to our residents seven days a week. Classes are 30-45 minutes in length. Our exercise classes and times are listed in the newsletter above!


MONDAY 10:15am, Exercise class
TUESDAY 10:15am, Exercise class
WEDNESDAY 10:15am, Exercise class
THURSDAY 10:15am, Exercise class
FRIDAY 10:15am, Exercise class
SATURDAY 10:15am, Seniorcise class